• Red Clay Consolidated School District Dress Code - McKean High School

    The following regulations shall govern the dress and grooming of students in all grades. Student dress may vary with instructional activities and special events when announced by the principal.

    1. Appropriate and safe footwear must be worn at all times. Specifically, house slippers are not appropriate in school or at school functions.
    2. Hats, headbands, head coverings, and ear coverings are not to be worn in the building during school hours.
    3. Any garments deemed inappropriately tight, short, or revealing (e.g., mesh tops, midriff tops, tank tops, tube tops, short shorts) are prohibited during school hours.
    4. Any attire that is disruptive to the educational process is prohibited. Attire that is unsafe, unhealthy, offensive to generally accepted standards, or obscene is not to be worn. Decals, slogans, or pictures that contain references to illegal substances (e.g., alcohol, drugs) or immoral behavior are not allowed.
    5. Removal of accessories (e.g., jewelry, dangling scarves.) during shop, physical education or lab is required for safety.
    6. Items not specifically covered in the above-listed regulations will be at the discretion and good judgment of the principal. Red Clay Schools - Student Code of Conduct 18
    7. Pants worn in a “Sag and Drag” fashion (pants worn below the waist to the extent that the underwear and/or skin is/could be exposed) are not permitted in school or at school functions.