Principal NeCastro's Monthly News



    Dear Forest Oak Families, 

    I hope that everyone is beginning to adjust to the ‘back to school’ schedule. Remember that students can be dropped off between 8:45-8:55 in the morning. Students must be in class by 9:00 or they will be marked tardy. All early dismissals must take place prior to 3:15PM. 

    During dismissal, our parking lot is for car rider pick-ups and bus pick-ups. If you want to walk up to the school to get your child, please park off campus. Our side parking lot is reserved for buses and parents who need to come into the building for a meeting. Please make sure your car rider number tags are displayed during dismissal. 

    As some of you may know, my husband and I are expecting our second child. I will be going out on maternity leave this month. Shane Rifenburg will be Acting Principal and Ann Marie Swift will be Acting Assistant Principal while I am out. I will be returning later in the school year. 

    Shane Rifenburg:

    Ann Marie Swift:

    Forest Oak Office #: 302-454-3420 

    Important Dates:

    • September 3: PTA Meeting, 6:00 PM, School Library- All are welcome!

    • September 12: Yankee Candle Fundraiser Begins- If we reach our school goal of $9,000, all students will celebrate with a bounce party here at school in October. 

    • September 25: Back to School Night- this night is suggested for adults only. 

      • 6-7PM: Grades 3, 4, 5

      • 6:30-7:30PM: Unified Arts Teachers

      • 7:00-8:00PM: Grades K, 1, 2

    • September 30: School closed 

    Attached are opportunities for your child to participate in research at the University of Delaware Treatment Efficacy & Language Learning Lab (TELL). Please read the flyers to determine if your child is eligible. If so and you are interested, please contact the researchers on the number of the flyer. The school and district are only involved in distributing flyers and cannot answer any questions regarding the research. 






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