Multicultural Student Union

  • The Multicultural Student Union (MCSU): aims to foster an energetic, peaceful, and safe environment where students from different cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities can interact, work together, and learn about each other; promoting appreciation for self and others.  

    The purpose of the club is as follows...

    1. To increase awareness and appreciation for multicultural issues, history, and culture among the student body at John Dickinson High School; 
    2. To create a clearer identity and opportunities for involvement in the life of the high school for students of diverse cultural backgrounds; 
    3. To teach others about cultural diversity and the importance of how diversity drives innovation and success; 
    4. To create an awareness of the heritage of multiple cultures and their contributions to the builiding of our nation; 
    5. To promote an inclusive atmosphere within the school so culturally diverse students are cultivated to be effective leaders; 
    6. To promote academic excellence, self-determination, self-worth, school spirit, and unity among the student body at John Dickinson High School. 

    Teacher Advisor:  Dion Hutt ( 

    President: Jonathan Thornton

    Vice President: Niara Green

    Treasurer: Eduardo Ortiz

    Secretary: Chris Marte

    Ambassadors: Caya Christian, Mallory Rossiter

    Follow us on Twitter: @jdhs_mcsu

Student Registration Form

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