Warner Elementary Inclusion Statement

  • Warner Elementary values the uniqueness of all children.  WE are dedicated to providing all students every opportunity to succeed.  This means that our students receive the very best of instruction in the setting that will motivate them, inform them, and encourage them to achieve to their fullest potential.  Well trained and highly qualified staff receives on going professional development to assure that best teaching practices are delivered.

         Warner Community will foster an inclusive environment where individual differences among us are acknowledged, understood and respected as a foundation of strength which enriches all community members. 

        Warner Elementary embraces an inclusive mindset.  WE actively strive to remove any barriers in order to increase learning and participation.  This means that equal opportunity is an actuality for all of our students.

        The inclusion process works effectively when parents and staff work as a team in the decision making, development, and implementation of Individual Educational Programs (IEP's).   Parental input and involvement is critical and vital in this process.  Through this collaboration, decisions ensure that each child's needs are met.  Highly qualified teachers will use inclusive strategies such as small groups, differentiated instruction, and engaging activities which address the individual learning style of each child.   

        WE value the knowledge, perspective and contributions of all students and families.  Warner's Administration supports services, and educators welcome your input.  Please feel free to call at any time.


    WE  (Warner Educators)