About Us

  • AI History: Located at 50 Hillside Road, Greenville, Alexis I. duPont High School was founded in 1893. Originally housed at 3130 Kennett Pike, the school moved to its present location in 1966. The provider of secondary education in the former Alexis I. duPont School District until 1978, it is now one of five high schools in the Red Clay Consolidated School District. Building on a tradition of excellence, Alexis I. duPont High School welcomes the challenges of the twenty-first century.

    School Vision: To be the model comprehensive school offering an enriching and rigorous academic and career programs where students become self-directed individuals able to thrive in an ever-changing, interconnected global society.  Our students will embody the school motto of “Stand Upright and Endure.”

    School’s Mission: A.I. provides a safe, well-rounded and stimulating learning environment with opportunities to engage in school and community service. A.I. emphasizes integrity, respect for diversity, and pride in education to prepare students for success in the 21st century.

    We take care of the whole student by providing and giving student access to resources that support their mental health, encourage their physical wellness, push academic rigor, establish a growth mindset leading to a commitment to academic excellence and personal success.  

    School’s Core Values/beliefs

    1. We believe that Alexis I duPont High School is a family; building enduring relationships with staff, students, parents and alumni that strengthen our school community as a whole .
    2. We believe in meaningful collaboration between all stakeholders
    3. We believe that highly effective educators are driven by the desire to help all students reach their full potential
    4. We believe students are most successful when they feel valued for their individuality and have internalized high expectations for themselves.
    5. We will have high expectations for All
    6. We will commit to continuous improvement for all


    The Bengal Tiger


    Royal Blue and Gold


    “Stand Upright and Endure”



    The Alexis I. duPont Alma Mater

    Alexis I., we bring to thee devotion tried and true.
    With Honor, faith and loyalty, your standards we’ll imbue.
    And when we think in later life of years we spent with you,
    Then from within our hearts you’ll hear, hail to the Gold and Blue.



    Oh, we’re from old Alexis. We’re not as big as Texas,
    But we’ve got what it takes to make a name!
    We’ve got lots of spirit and you’re gonna hear it,
    When we win this (football) game!*
    Oh, there’s a time for learning, but now it’s time for turning
    To our team who will get us what we want!
    Yes, our foes will suffer, when they see we’re tougher
    From Alexis I. duPont!

    *(soccer), (basketball), (volleyball), (wrestling), (baseball), (hockey), etc.