• Warner Elementary Uniform Policy

    1. All students will wear a collared polo shirt.  The shirt can be long or short sleeved.  The shirt colors allowed are white, light blue, and navy blue.  All shirts will have the Warner logo stitched onto them.

    2. All students will wear tan-colored khaki skirts, shorts, or pants.

    3. All students will wear a close-toed shoe.  No Crocs, Yeezys, or open-toed shoes allowed.

    4. All students will be permitted to wear a sweatshirt over their collared shirt.  Sweatshirts can be navy blue, white, or gray.  Absolutely no hoodies will be permitted.


    Uniform Violations

    The Warner uniform policy is an approach to promote unity, school spirit, and a professional image.  Having a uniform policy will allow our students to concentrate on their school studies, rather than trying to fit in with their clothes.  We will work with students and their families to help obtain the necessary clothes so that they can dress within the guidelines of the above policy.

    If a student violates the uniform policy, our goal is not to punish, but rather reinforce the ideas of unity, professional image, and school spirit.  Therefore, no student will miss instructional time due to uniform violations.

    Violation 1 = Recess Detention

    Violation 2 = Lunch and Recess Detention

    Violation 3 or More = Lunch and Recess Detention as well as the loss of Fun Friday.