• Important Nurse Guidelines for Return to In-Person School

    We are happy and excited to be welcoming back our Richey Rabbits to the school building!  School will look and feel different than before but we will all work together for a wonderful learning environment.  Here is some important information from the Nurse’s Office.  Please feel free to call Mrs. Englehart at 302-992-5537 or email at Deborah.Englehart@redclay.k12.de.us with any questions or concerns. Please see the attachment for more detailed COVID-19 information.

    To Do

    • Complete the COVID-19 Health Assessment:  https://www.redclayschools.com/domain/1715 before school EACH MORNING!
    • Return your student’s emergency cards NOW!
    • Provide all Allergy, Asthma, and Seizure action plans and emergency medications NOW!    

    *All must be signed by the healthcare provider and parent/guardian AND updated each school year.

    • Call the nurse’s office for an appointment to bring in any controlled medications for your child.

    *Students are not allowed to transport these medications at any time.

        *Please make every effort to give medications at home whenever possible.

    • Provide nurse with any missing health requirements for which you have received a notice.
    • Send in a change of clothing for your child.  Accidents happen no matter the age!
    • Provide a back-up mask for your child each day.  We recommend at least 2 per day per child.
    • Teach your child how to properly wear and care for their masks.  Remind them that masks are required at all times during the school day except when eating or drinking. Child-size masks work great!
    • Get a flu shot NOW!

    To Know

    • Keep your child home if they are complaining of any symptoms on the COVID-19 Health Assessment.
    • If your child has even 1 of the symptoms on the COVID-19 health assessment while in school, they will be evaluated by the nurse and be sent home.
    • Students must be picked up within 1 hour of being notified by the nurse.  Please have a plan and back-up plan in case your child needs to go home due to illness.
    • HEALTHCARE PROVIDER clearance note is REQUIRED for the return of any student sent home by the school nurse for ANY COVID-19 symptoms.  If the student returns without the required note, they will be sent home and not allowed to return until the note is provided.
    • Please notify the school nurse of any COVID-19 positive tests so the appropriate actions can take place.

         *The Division of Public Health will also notify the school nurse of any positive tests.

    Student access to the nurse’s office will be more limited this year to avoid possible exposure to serious illness.  Your child’s teacher will be assisting students with very minor first aid and illness complaints and issues.  The school nurse is ALWAYS available though!  All of these actions are to help keep EVERYONE safe and healthy!

    Please take some time to review this important powerpoint as a family.  Covid Update for Staff-Students-Famlies.pptx