AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination and just like its name, the goal of AVID is to prepare students at AIMS for a successful high school experience so that they can pursue college if they desire.  There are several ways that AIMS uses the AVID system to help all students reach their goals. 

    1. School Binder and Planner - All students at AIMS will receive a binder, section dividers, a pencil pouch, and a school planner.  The purpose of the binder is to help students stay organized.  Class papers are all three-hole punched and students are directed to keep their papers, notes, and materials for different subjects in the organized sections of the binder.  The pouch holds pens, pencils, and highlighters so that they always have something with which to write.  The planning calendar helps students to organize their time.  This year, students will write down the learning target for each class every day in their planner.  They will also write down homework assignments and use the planner for planning out project due dates.
    2. Mindful Monday - Each Monday, students will spend 10-15 minutes developing a growth mindset.  In this activity, students will write down their grades in all of their classes, noting where they are experiencing success and where they are struggling.  Students will make a goal for the coming week to improve their grades in at least one class.  The following Monday, they will check their grades and mark off if they reached the goal from the previous week.  Mindful Monday reflection sheets will come home every Monday evening for your signature.  Please use this time to talk with your child about their success in school and support them in their academic goals.  
    3. AVID Teaching Strategies - In all of their classes, teachers will draw upon the AVID teaching strategies which focus on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading.  Together these make the acronym WICOR.  Look for your student to write and read more across content areas.  Look for her/him to answer difficult questions and complete challenging tasks.    Look for greater collaboration and working with other students to learn in each class.

    AVID Class -  A special group of AIMS students have applied to become AVID students through the AVID class.  This class meets everyday in grades 6, 7 and 8 and focuses on supporting students through study strategies, tutors, college awareness activities, visits from college students and community professionals, and a family atmosphere that supports academic success.  If you are interested in learning more about the AVID class and possibly having your child apply, contact Ms. Stevens, assistant principal at the school.   





    The AVID application period is OPEN!  Complete an AVID Scholar application by filling out the information on this form: 







    Advancement via Individual Determination


    AVID stands for 'Advancement via Individual Determination.' AVID is a comprehensive program that assists underrepresented students in applying to, and prepares them for, the rigors of four-year colleges and is available to 6th through 8th graders at A.I. du Pont Middle School. Students in AVID live by the WICOR strategies; WICOR stands for Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading. Students are assisted in their high-level classes through tutorials, given help with organization by keeping a binder, and supported in their time management.  Additionally, the program provides opportunities for personal growth through guest speakers, college field trips, tutoring, and community service, all of which contribute to building a competitive college application. AVID graduates enroll in college at higher rates than the national average and persist into year 2 of college at higher rates. In 2016, 88% of AVID seniors applied to and were accepted to a four-year college. Why is this important? According to a study completed by the Economic Policy Institute, college graduates annually earned 56% more than someone with only a high school diploma.





    To ensure that all students, and most especially, the “academic middle” who are capable of completing a college preparatory path:

    • Succeed in rigorous curricula
    • Enter mainstream activities of the school
    • Increase their enrollment in four-year colleges and universities, and
    • become educated and responsible participants and leaders in a democratic society



    • To provide academic instruction and support to students
    • To prepare students for honors and AP courses
    • To prepare students for entry to a four year university
    • To motivate students to seek a college education
    • To increase students’ levels of college and career awareness


    Who may apply:

    Students currently in 6th and 7th grade who have the potential and desire to attend a four-year college and

    • Have appropriate classroom behavior
    • Have a good attendance record
    • are willing to commit to enrollment in a rigorous college preparatory sequence of courses


    As an AVID Scholar, you should….

    • want to go to apply to a two or four year college and/or be career ready
    • want to achieve the best grades possible
    • be willing to study, read and write EVERY night
    • be willing to enroll in the AVID Elective course both years in middle school as well as take honors courses
    • be willing to come to school AT LEAST 96% of the time
    • achieve AT LEAST a 2.5 grade point average
    • be willing to change bad habits and create new ones
    • be willing to carry a large 3-ring binder to every class every day
    • see the value in being tutored every week and participate willingly and with enthusiasm
    • be passionate about learning, setting goals, and becoming more than you are now!



    Writing, collabration, note-taking skills, organizational skills, college visits, participating in extra-curricular and community activities

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