• Delaware Adult Education programs comply with the Americans with Disabilities Acts of 2010.

    If you need a special accommodation, please speak to your teacher, the school counselor, or the principal.

    All information is kept confidential.

    See for more information.

Due Process

  • Students who feel that their rights have been violated are entitled to:

    1. Provide a verbal and/or written explanation of the incident or violation to the school principal of the school or designee.
    2. Receive an explanation of the school policy or code of conduct that was violated.
    3. Receive written notification of disciplinary action connected with the violation.
    4. An appeal process which includes the state Director of Adult Education.



  • Students seeking an appeal must make a written request to the Director of Adult Education within three (3) business days to discuss the violation and disciplinary action.

    A response to schedule a meeting between the Director or designee and the student will be made within three (3) business days.

    A meeting between the student and the Director of Adult Education (or designee will be scheduled as soon as possible.

    If the decision is overturned in the appeal process, the student will be permitted to resume class without penalty for the absences accrued as a result of the appeal process, and with opportunity to complete all required assignments missed during that time.

  • Red Clay Center Student Handbook