• Baltz Elementary Uniform Policy

    For students in grades K-5, uniforms are mandatory every day except for the First Friday of each Month.  1st Friday is a NUT Day- No Uniform Today!

    *Sometimes field trips will have special uniform allowances and teachers will send information to parents with the Permission Slip.


    What is the uniform?

    Bottoms: Navy, Black, or Khaki pants or shorts (No patterned pants, denim, athletic wear, or leggings).  A belt should be worn with pants if needed.

    Navy, black or khaki skirts or jumpers.

    Skirts and jumpers must be a modest length in accordance with the Red Clay Dress Code.

    Tops:  Any solid colored shirts or blouses with a collar are allowed (polo type or button up shirts).  Turtlenecks are also acceptable.  Baltz Spirit Wear shirts may be worn with the uniform. 

    Sweaters and Sweatshirts: In cold weather, Baltz sweatshirts and solid color sweaters/crew neck sweatshirts may be worn with a collared shirt or Baltz shirt. No Hoodies.  

    Shoes and Socks: Students should wear comfortable, sturdy shoes to school.  No sandals, clogs, flip-flops, open toe or open heel shoes allowed.  Socks should be worn. 


    Please Note: If a child is out of uniform, they will be changed into a uniform on loan for the school day and a notice will be sent to parents. 

    Please contact our school at 302-992-5560 should your family need help in getting uniform supplies for students.


    Uniform FAQs

    Where can the uniforms be purchased?

    Uniforms do not have to be purchased at a specific store. Many stores in the Wilmington area (JCPenney, Kmart, WalMart, Target, Forman Mills, Rainbow) carry basic school uniforms, but navy, black and khaki bottoms, and uniform color tops can be found at most places where you would ordinarily purchase children’s clothing.


    Where can I purchase Baltz shirts/sweatshirts for my student?

    We will send out information to purchase Baltz Spirit Wear at the beginning of the school year.