• Motto




    Baltz will be known as a top-achieving learning community within the district and the state.



    Use Data Driven decision making to provide high quality instruction to address the unique educational needs of all students(and their families) in a safe, nurturing environment.


    Core Values/Beliefs

    At Baltz We:

            1. Celebrate successes no matter the size.

            2. Utilize firm but loving behavior management.

            3. Collaborate to do what is best for students.

            4. Look for positive qualities and unique differences in everyone all the time.

            5. Are patient and passionate in setting high expectations and goals to achieve.


    Instructional Priorities

    ·         High quality Reading and Math instruction

    ·         RTI in Reading, Math and Behavior

    ·         Building and sustaining strong relationships through the use of Restorative Practices, PBS, Responsive Classroom, and Second Step SEL.

    ·         Extended Learning opportunities

    ·         English Language Development

    ·         SIOP Implementation


    Evidence Based Strategies (look for’s in Baltz Classrooms)

    ·         Responsive Classroom Strategies: Interactive Modeling, guided discovery, open ended questions, academic choice, teacher language (using reinforcing, reminding, and reinforcing language).

    ·         SIOP Framework for Learning (Language & Content Objectives, student interaction)

    ·         Best Practices in Reading

    ·    Implementing Math Expressions and RTI in Math

    ·         Second Step 


    Continuous School Improvement Priorities 2021-2022

    ·         Priority 1-Increase student proficiency in Mathematics

    ·         Priority 2-Increase student proficiency in Reading 

    ·         Priority 3-Student to Student Relations

    ·         Priority 4-English Language Development


    Instructional Focus:

    A multi-tiered approach to providing high quality Literacy and Math Instruction and Social Emotional Instruction to develop academically and into responsible decision makers and citizens.