New Highlander FAQs

  • I'm a new Highlander... now what? Here are the top 9 questions you may have about joining the McKean family.


    1)  Is there a time my parents and I could come to visit prior to the start of school?

    All new students (any grade) are welcome to attend our Highlander Hospitality Night, Wednesday, August 22 from 5-7.  Here you'll meet some of your teachers, can get a copy of your schedule, walk around the building, practice the route to your classes, and hear more about your new school. 


    2)  What do I need to bring on the first day of school?

    Bring a pen/pencil, some notebook paper, and a binder where you can store papers you receive.  


    3) How do I dress for school?

    Check our Student Resources link on the home page for more information.


    4) When can I get my Chromebook?

    Chromebooks will be issued in your classes during the first week of school.   There will be some early distribution opportunities during the week of Aug 20. These will be announced via a phone call from Principal Mattix in the next few days. 


    5)  I'm interested in playing sports for McKean.

    Complete the new student questionnaire to let us know what interests you. Also, find out about when you can get a free sports physical exam at our School-Based Wellness Center. 


    6)  I'm new to the state and/or district.  What should I do to get registered for school?


    7)  What's the daily school schedule?  How do the A/B days work?

    Check our Student Resources link on the home page for these documents.


    8)  Can I buy some McKean clothes or gear?

    Check our Student Resources link on the home page for this link.


    9) I'm interested in joining the band or chorus.

    Email the band director:

    Email the choral director: