• Parental Involvement
    School-Community Relations Policy 9002

    Policy Statement

    The District shall incorporate meaningful involvement and consultation with parents into planning and operation. Such involvement shall include, but not be limited to, the joint development of the Title I program, Consolidated Grant Application, and the process of school review and improvement required under Federal and State laws and regulations.

     The District shall establish a Parent Advisory Council and shall ensure that required school-level parent involvement programs meet or exceed legislative requirements.

     Full opportunity for participation shall be provided for parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory and homeless children by disseminating information in understandable and accessible formats and by offering alternative formats upon request and to the extent practicable.

     The District shall involve the parents of children served in Title I, Part A schools in decisions about spending funds reserved for parent involvement in accordance with law, regulations, and procedures.

     The District shall inform parents and parent organizations about resources available to parents in the state that can support them in making educational decisions for their children.

     The District shall have representation on the State Parent Advisory Council.

     The District shall provide the necessary coordination, technical assistance, materials, training, and other support to assist schools in planning and implementing effective parental involvement activities.

     The District shall work to improve student academic achievement by assisting parents to understand State standards, District and school assessments, and progress monitoring.

     The District shall work with school staffs to provide information on the value of parent contributions and how to work effectively with parents as partners in education.

     The District shall support and cooperate with organized parent-teacher groups and encourage the participation of parents and school staff.

     Each school shall set up a parent-teacher organization. The Board shall accept resolutions of such groups adopted by a majority of members for its consideration.


    Annual Review

    With the involvement of parents, the District shall conduct an annual
    evaluation of its parent involvement efforts which shall identify barriers to greater participation with particular attention to parents who are

     Economically disadvantaged

     Homeless

     Disabled

     Limited in English proficiency

     Limited in literacy

    The results of the evaluation shall inform the design of more effective strategies for involvement.

    This policy shall be distributed to parents of children participating in the Title I program. To an extent practicable it shall be in a format and a language parents can understand.

    This policy shall be incorporated into the District’s Consolidated Grant Application. If the application for Title I is not satisfactory to the parents of children participating in the program, the District shall submit any parent comments with the Consolidated Application.

    The Superintendent shall be responsible for compliance.

    Elementary and Secondary Education ACT §§1111, 1116, 1118
    14 Del. C. §157
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