IB Course Descriptions

  • We aim to increase the number of IB courses we are offering in the IB Diploma Program (Grades 11+12). We also want the IB courses we offer to reflect what our IB students want to learn. Because of this, some of the courses may or may not be offered during the upcoming year. Please contact the IB Coordinator for the most up to date list of course offerings.

    Additionally, it is possible for students not seeking the IB Diploma, to take an IB course for official credit from IB. Please ask your guidance counselor or the IB coordinator for which classes it is possible to take an IB Certificate Course. Please note, most IB courses are two-year courses and would require you to begin in your junior year.


    Theory of Knowledge (ToK)- Theory of Knowledge (TOK) stands at the center of the IB program, guiding students to think about everything they’re learning in their other classes. TOK asks one deceptively simple question: “How do you know?” The question starts out that general, exploring how we know anything at all. Then it focuses on specific courses such as science, history, or literature. In science the question may be, “How do you know that the scientific method is valid?” In history it may be, “How do you know Montezuma was the last Aztec ruler?” And in literature it may be, “How do you know a good poem from a bad one?” But the goal of TOK is not to make students doubt everything they hear. Instead, it is to help them listen carefully, think clearly, and express themselves confidently. Ultimately, the goal is to help students know how they know. 


    CAS – (Creativity, Action, and Service)- CAS is an integral component of the IB Program. The goal of CAS is to use experiential learning to educate the “whole person”. I look forward to seeing students use their energy and talents as individuals as well as working cooperatively to make a difference. CAS will not only foster responsibility and compassion for our community but also make each student more self-aware.


    IB Language- Language AI is a two year course beginning in the junior year. This course, which continues the conversation begun in previous literature classes, focuses on exploring the diversity in the global community as well as fostering an appreciation for the student’s own culture. Students are required to complete a variety of assessments including oral presentations, literary analysis, and some creative writing assignments based on the text that is being studied in class. While these assessments are mandatory, students will periodically have choices of text to analyze and the means by which the assessment is accomplished.

    IB Spanish - The main focus of the Spanish B SL course is language acquisition and development in the four primary language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The objectives of the course are for the student to be able to communicate in both oral and written forms, using and understanding appropriate vocabulary and grammar in a variety of situations. In addition, the student will demonstrate an awareness of and sensitivity to some elements of the cultures related to the Spanish language and the international community. The student will be assessed through activities including oral and listening interaction, a range of reading texts at various levels of difficulty, and the use of the language in a communicative nature in writing tasks.

    IB French - This intermediate level course focuses on developing the skills needed to create language for communication: listening, speaking, reading and writing. With the continued study of French grammar and vocabulary as a base, students will participate in frequent listening and speaking activities. Reading strategies and writing skills will also be addressed. With the goal of developing international mindedness, culture will be integrated throughout the course.

    IB Mathematics Studies - This is a two-year program for students who are planning to go to college and major in Business or any other professional fields or in the liberal arts. The focus of Mathematical Studies SL is to introduce important mathematical concepts through the development of mathematical techniques and understanding, not necessarily rigor. It will focus on solving real life problems and situations and will include one project per year. Topics include Algebra, Functions and equations, Trigonometry Matrices, Vectors, Statistics and Probability, and introduction to Calculus.

    IB Mathematics - This course is a 2 year program for students planning to enter college majoring in math, science, medicine, or engineering. The course will study a broad range of topics, providing an introduction to a variety of mathematical topics that could be taken at the collegiate level. The course is for students desiring honors credit without the rigors or the examination offered in AP. The focus of Math SL is to introduce important mathematical concepts through the development of mathematical techniques and understanding, not necessarily rigor. It will focus on solving real life problems and situations, and will include 1 project per year. The goal is to model logical, critical and creative thinking as well as teaching students to think on an abstract and generalized level. By incorporating the historical perspectives respective to the development of mathematics, students will learn to appreciate the fact that math the international language. Topics include Algebra, Functions and equations,Trigonometry, Matrices, Vectors, Statistics and Probability, and Calculus. 

    IB Chemistry - The IB Chemistry SL course is designed to provide an opportunity for IB candidates to grow in a stimulating and challenging environment that focuses on individualism and internationalism. Chemistry is a central component of all scientific disciplines. The core objectives and two standard level options will provide the breadth and depth students will need to be successful life-long learners. 

    IB Physics- The focus of physics is to observe scientific phenomena and processes using the scientific method. Students are to develop skills in mathematics, technology and interpersonal relationships. Students will also develop an understanding of international contributions to physics and other sciences. Discussions of subjects will incorporate different cultural contributions to physics from around the world in the form of work, applications and the arts.

    IB History of the Americas -History of the Americas is a two year course. During Year One, students will study Anglo-America and Latin America for the purpose of comparing/contrasting the similarities and differences in cultural roots, political-economic-social development, and modern international relations. A focus on critical issues in United States History will serve as part of the course to meet state requirements. Year Two will focus on topics of the 20th century with a particular study of The Cold War. Students will prepare for IB examinations during both years, and exams will be taken in Year Two.

    IB Visual Arts- Through the study of art students will develop their own artwork contained in a portfolio and documentation of their growth through the research workbook, which relates directly to their studio work. Students will explore a wide variety of materials as they develop skills focusing on 2-D mediums in drawing and painting and 3-D concepts where exploration will take them to many areas of interest initiated by the instructor or by individual students. As students investigate areas of interest through further development of the RWB their studies will culminate with a student show.