• FAQs

    • What is the Red Clay Education Foundation?
      The Red Clay Education Foundation (RCEF) is a nonprofit corporation that provides support for additional educational experiences so that Red Clay students are better prepared to succeed in the rapidly changing global economy.

    • When was the RCEF formed?
      The Foundation’s Certificate of Incorporation was filed on September 8, 2005. In September 2006, the Foundation received final approval as a 501(c)(3), which allows individuals and corporations to make tax deductible donations.

    • Why was the RCEF formed?
      The changing world economy requires new skill sets that demand changes in our educational process.

    • How will the RCEF help Red Clay?
      The Foundation makes grants for unfunded educational programs.

    • Can I give a donation earmarked for a specific purpose?
      Yes. Corporations, businesses, and individuals can make endowments or donations to the RCEF for general purposes or for targeted programs.

    • How will the RCEF determine where general fund donations will be spent?
      The Foundation will work with the Red Clay Consolidated School District to prioritize needs and determine funding amounts.

    • How will the public be kept informed of how donations to the RCEF have been spent?
      Through Red Clay Consolidated School District publications, communications and announcements.

    • Are donations to the RCEF tax deductible?
      Yes. The Foundation has received approval from the IRS to accept tax deductible donations. The tax identification number is 20-3453422.