General Information

  • Can I reach someone in the Office of Transportation Services before 6 AM?

  • Who is eligible for transportation services?

  • Who drives your buses?

  • How can I become a school bus driver?

Bus Routes & Schedules

  • Why is my child's bus late?

  • Why can't you call me when you know the bus is going to be late?

  • Why can't you provide transportation to different pick-up or drop-off locations on different buses on different days?

  • Why can't my child be dropped off wherever they want to in the afternoon?

  • Do you provide transportation for children who require before- or after-school care at day care facilities?

  • How are bus stops determined?

  • The bus drives right by my house. Why can’t it pick up my child in front of my house?

  • Why can't the bus come further into my subdivision?

  • Are bus stops reviewed periodically by the Office of Transportation Services?

  • My street doesn't have a sidewalk. Why can’t the bus pick up my child in front of my house?

Students with Disabilities

  • How do I request transportation services for my child who has special needs?

  • How long is the average bus ride for a student who has special needs?

  • Why can't last-minute changes be granted?

  • Does Red Clay have a policy regarding student conduct on the school bus?

  • Why does my child have an assigned seat on the bus?

  • Why was my child suspended from riding the bus?


    • Who determines the number of students permitted on a bus and the distance a student must live from his feeder school to be eligible for transportation?

    Bus loads as well as walking distances are determined by the State Board of Education.

    • How many students are permitted on a bus?



    Passenger Seating Guidelines

    Bus Seating Capacity


















    • Why are there only 30 students riding some buses and my child's bus is crowded?

    Decisions regarding each bus route are made by careful planning based on information from the school registration, previous similar routes, and Department of Transportation data.  Most routes are fixed during the summer months and changes are made after the first two weeks of school, if not sooner.  The more current the information we are given, the better decisions regarding specific routes can be made. 

    Distance from school, number of buses and drivers, and grouping of students and neighborhoods are factors considered also.  Sometimes it is just not possible to have the exact number of students on every run. 

    State and national guidelines allow for up to 20% over capacity seating. 

School Choice

  • Are transportation services available for students who attend a Red Clay school via the school choice program?

    In-district students who have chosen to attend a Red Clay school other than their attendance zone school will be picked up and delivered to the closest established bus stop on an existing bus route for their school of choice. The location is designated by the Office of Transportation Services.

    Out-of-district students who have chosen to attend a Red Clay school will be picked up and delivered to the closest established bus stop for that school. The location is designated by the Office of Transportation Services.


    My child attends a Red Clay school via the school choice program, but their bus stop is too far. Can I have a closer stop?

    As explained on the school choice application, it is the parent/guardian/caregiver's responsibility to transport the student to their school of choice or to an existing bus stop on an exisiting route for that school.

    Red Clay phased out "choice bus stops" that were outside of the school’s attendance zone. The stops were discontinued in the 2016-17 school year for elementary schools, in the 2017-18 school year for middle schools, and in the 2018-19 school year for high schools.

    Transportation will be assigned within the school's attendance zone, with the exception of Conrad Schools of Science, Cab Calloway School of the Arts, and The John Dickinson School's IB Middle Years Program, as there are no attendance zones for those schools.