Red Clay extends a warm welcome to parents and community members who are eager to contribute to this crucial initiative.

    Discover how you can have a significant impact with these opportunities!

    • Encourage everyone 18 and older to vote, including both parents and all young adults.
    • Remind friends they do not have to own their home to vote.
    • Make sure school families, relatives, neighbors, and friends know about the Referendum.
    • Volunteer to distribute flyers at school events and games.
    • Ask local businesses to put a referendum sign in their window.
    • Put a sign on your lawn.
    • Ask for a Referendum presentation for an organization
    • Make sure people have the correct information.

    To support us as volunteers, please contact:
         Name: Maria Stevens, Office of the Superintendent
         Email: maria.stevens@redclay.k12.de.us
         Phone: 302-552-3703