Operating Expense Increase 

    For an average household in Red Clay, taxpayers are requested to contribute an additional $20.25 per month in the first year and an additional $6.75 per month in the 2nd and 3rd years. 

    In the first year, the ask is less than a dollar per day, and when fully implemented in year 3, it will be $1.13/day.

    Capital Expense Increase

    For an average household in Red Clay, taxpayers will see a net decrease in taxes the first year* and a net increase of $3.63 per month in the 2nd year, and an increase of $2.49 in the 3rd year with an increase of $3.10 in year four.  After year four, the tax will continue to decrease until the bonds are repaid.

    * There is a net decrease because existing bonds are currently being repaid.

    Your home value is NOT your assessed property value. For the most precise assessment of how the referendum will affect your school taxes, please refer to your property tax assessment on the New Castle County website. Enter your house number and street name. When you see your property, click Details and scroll down to Tax/Assessment Info. That is the assessed value of your home.

    Once you've obtained this information, you can use our Tax Calculator to estimate your household's expected rise in taxes. Keep in mind that your taxes are calculated based on each $100 of assessed value. Type in your assessed property value below.