• On Wednesday, February 28th, the Red Clay Consolidated School District community will have the opportunity to vote on two important proposals aimed at preserving, revitalizing, and enhancing our District's programs, services, facilities, and staff positions. Red Clay remains dedicated to identifying the most effective solutions to benefit our students and community.

    The school district has not sought a referendum for nearly a decade. The operating and capital referenda are designed to support substantial building renovations, the creation of modern learning environments, and the ongoing needs of our students, including funding for educational resources and teacher and support staff positions.

    The Operating Referendum will secure the necessary funding for daily operations, covering various aspects such as student support and wellness, instructional materials, salaries and benefits for teachers and staff, and more.

    The Capital Referendum will allocate funds to support vital updates and replacements of key building systems and resolve ongoing serious maintenance problems.

    Red Clay Consolidated School District is a great place to LIVE. LEARN.WORK.

    • LIVE. Our school district offers a vibrant community for families to live and thrive.
    • LEARN. Students in our district have access to exceptional educational opportunities that empower them to learn and grow.
    • WORK. Our district provides a supportive and inclusive environment for educators and staff to excel in their careers.

    Our students are in crucial need of your support through voting. By voting in favor, you are advocating for new and improved learning facilities, enhanced educational materials, and a well-supported staff. This referendum is not just a vote; it's a commitment to providing our students with the best possible educational environment. Your vote is an investment in their future, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities they deserve to excel and thrive in their educational journey.