• TAG Program Goals

    • The Talented & Gifted program for elementary grades is an enrichment program that provides an extension of the general school program through differentiated and challenging instruction and services.  Our goal in Red Clay is to develop the following areas

    Higher Order Thinking

    Problem solving; Formulating questions; Pattern finding; Critically reflects on learning; Defends thinking with reasoning

    Creative Thinking

    Brainstorming; Fluency; Flexibility; Originality; Elaboration


    Visual; Oral; Written; Shares effectively; Provides thoughtful responses; Listens to others well

    Learning How to Learn

    Listening, observing, and perceiving skills, Note-taking skills; Analyzing and organizing data, Follows directions

    Affective Skills

    Intrapersonal skills, task commitment, Demonstrates effort in class; Completes work with excellence; Follows directions, Submits work on time; Works with perseverance, interpersonal skills, Collaboration, Helpful to others and/or accepts help; Shares ideas; Is respectful to others