• How is a student considered for TAG Services?

    All students are considered for the TAG program through a comprehensive review of school-based data. Students may also be nominated for Talented and Gifted services based upon evaluation of the following information:

    • Classroom Performance
    • Achievement test scores
    • Ability test scores
    • Nominations can only be made by educators, parents/guardians, and students.


    Who will qualify for TAG Services?

    • Students performing in the top 8-12% of their grade level at each school.
    • These students will:
      • Be provided with differentiated and challenging educational programs and services beyond those provided in the general school program.
      • Develop their abilities to learn, think critically and work collaboratively to solve problems.


    What is the evaluation process for TAG Services?

    • Nominations and data for all students are evaluated to determine the top tier of students per TAG grade level in the school.
    • Parent/Guardian/Caregiver consent is collected.
    • Ability assessments are administered as determined by data.
    • The Building Placement Team determines student eligibility, inclusive of the top eight to twelve percent of students in the school.
    • Parents/Guardians/Caregivers are notified of eligibility status.
      • Note: Student eligibility is reviewed annually and as needed.


    Gifted students who transfer into the district or within the district are reviewed by the building placement team to determine eligibility at the new school.