Red Clay Lead Water Sampling Updates & Resources

  • Red Clay Consolidated School District is committed to providing a safe learning environment to all students. Our community and staff can find information below on Red Clay's plan to work with the Delaware Department of Education to ensure water consumption points are safe for all as well as view direct testing results and remediation actions.


  • Red Clay School District
    School  Date of Sampling
    2/21/2023 - Walkthroughs for schools scheduled for 2/21 thru 2/24
    AI Dupont HS 2/22/2023
    James H. Groves Adult HS 2/22/2023
    Warner ES 2/23/2023
    Richardson  Park 2/23/2023
    Marbrook 2/23/2023
    AI Dupont MS 2/24/2023
    Baltz ES 2/24/2023
    2/27/2023 - Walkthroughs for schools scheduled for 2/28 thru 3/3
    Cab Calloway 2/28/2023
    HB Dupont MS 3/1/2023
    Skyline MS 3/1/2023
    Anna Mote ES 3/2/2023
    Brandywine Springs School 3/2/2023
    Conrad Schools of Science 3/3/2023
    Evan Shorlidge Acadmey 3/3/2023
    3/6/2023 - Walkthroughs for schools scheduled for 3/7 thru 3/10
    Forest Oak ES 3/7/2023
    Meadowood 3/7/2023
    Heritage ES 3/7/2023
    Highlands ES 3/8/2023
    John Dickinson School 3/8/2023
    Linden Hill ES 3/9/2023
    North Star ES 3/10/2023
    3/13/2023 - Walkthroughs for schools scheduled for 3/14 thru 3/17
    Red Clay EYP 3/14/2023
    Richey ES 3/14/2023
    Stanton MS 3/15/2023
    Thomas McKean HS 3/15/2023
    William Cooke ES 3/16/2023
    William Lewis ES 3/16/2023

    Test results should be available below by school within two weeks after testing is scheduled

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State Information

District Information

School Reports - Updated March 31, 2023

  • A Green Check Box indicates that no action is needed at that school based on most recent testing data and required remediation, if any, is completed or that sample locations with high results are non-drinking sources and have clear signage indicating they are not drinking sources. 

    A Red Caution Sign indicates that there is active remediation at the school as a result of most recent testing data for a consumption point. All consumption points are made inaccessible during remediation.

  • A.I. du Pont High School & James H Groves
  • A.I. du Pont Middle
  • Baltz
  • Brandywine Springs
  • Conrad Schools of Science
  • Forest Oak
  • HB du Pont Middle
  • Heritage
  • John Dickinson High School
  • Joseph E. Johnson
  • Linden Hill
  • Marbrook
  • McKean High School
  • Meadowood Building
  • Mote
  • North Star
  • Richardson Park
  • Richey
  • Shortlidge Academy
  • Skyline Middle
  • Stanton Middle
  • Warner
  • William C. Lewis Dual Language
  • William F. Cooke
  • Wilmington (Cab Calloway & CSW)

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