• The PTO has launched their annual No Hassle fundraiser.  Even during the challenges of the pandemic, the PTO has been hard at work supporting your children and their teachers.  The elimination of other traditional fundraisers makes this simple “ask” all the more vital.  The “No Hassle” requires no order forms, no items to pick up, and is literally hassle free!  They just ask that each Conrad family make a monetary donation to the PTO.  There is no minimum or maximum amount required and your donation is tax deductible.  Donation receipts are available upon request.

    Parents and teachers can donation in one of four ways:

    • Send your donation in to your child’s 5th period teacher (cash or check made payable to Conrad PTO.)
    • Mail to Conrad PTO, 201 Jackson Ave, Wilmington, DE 19804 (cash or check made payable to Conrad PTO.)
    • Donate electronically via Venmo (you can find them at @Conradpto under business, not personal)
    • Donate electronically at CashApp. The PTO cash tag is $ConradPTO.