Today is a bright new day at North Star! 

    I will let my star shine by showing respectbeing kind to others, accepting responsibility and being the best learner I can be. 

    Working together, we will reach for the stars! 



    Preparing to Enter Remote Instruction (Zoom) 

    Teacher led  

    Whole Group Instruction 

    One on one Instruction 

    Small Group Instruction 

     (Break-out Rooms) 

    Be Kind 

    -Listen and follow your caregivers instructions 

    -Greet classmates with a kind face and kind words 

    -Wait patiently while classmates join 


    -Use Kind words and faces 

    -Be patient with your teacher and classmates 

    -Supportive of my classmates opinions and viewpoints 

    -Use kind words and faces 

    -Stay focused teacher and avoid doing other things (ex. playing with toys) 

    -Use kind words and faces 

    -Encourage others to participate  

    -Supportive of my classmates opinions and viewpoints 

    Showing Respect 

    -Dressed school ready 

    -Choose a distraction free work space and be seated in a chair 

    -Be on time 

    -Have materials ready 

    -Be present and avoid doing other tasks 

    -Listen to learn 

    -Following Class procedures 

    -Taking pride in your work 


    -Actively listening to the teacher 

    -Answer questions and completed tasks when asked 

    -Complete the work together 

    -Be mindful of the group time limit 

    Accept Responsibility 

    -Device is charged 

    -Complete and turn in assignments/homework on time 

    -Use device as intended 

    -Completing assignments 

    -Ask for help when you need it (ex. in chat/raise hand) 


    -Asking for help when I need it 

    -Try your best 

    -Stay on task  

    -Be prepared to share out 

    -Be present and focus on task given 


    -Video on 

    -Screen name is your own 

    -Audio muted if directed 


    -Video on 

    -Audio muted if directed 

    -Stay in class until teacher dismisses 

    -Video and audio on 

    -Stay with teacher until they dismiss you 


    -Video and Audio on 

    -One speaker at a time 

    -Stay in group until teacher dismisses 






    -Help your child maintain a regular sleep schedule --Wake them up for Zoom meetings, if needed 

    -Check in to see whether your child needs a break, snack, or drink. 

    -Set boundaries, so your child knows when you are available to help, and when they need to work independently 

    -Take care of your own well-being (physically, emotionally, mentally.) 

    -Support your child with their schedule, so they join Zoom sessions on time.  Younger children may need support in telling time.  

    -Help your child identify a learning space and gather the necessary materials. 

    -Check in with your child and support them with time-management, task completion, and submission of independent assignments, as needed. 

    -Maintain open communication with your child’s teacher(s). 

    -Remember that independent assignments should be completed by your child