Who to Contact

  • Renee Velazquez

    • Vendors beginning with M and P
    • Financial transactions for the Office of Transportation, water, sewer, and security vendors
    • Creating requisitions


    Stephanie Guy

    • Major and Minor Capital Improvement financial transactions
    • State construction reporting
    • GAAP Package
    • Petty cash
    • Intergovernmental vouchers
    • District credit card
    • Personal reimbursements


    Kathy Campbell

    • Vendors beginning with R, Xerox
    • Deposits and disbursements from internal accounts


    Janet Schweizer

    • Vendors beginning with G–N, Delmarva, Heliosage, Talen, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Kelly Services, Delta T


    Chris Thomas

    • Vendors beginning with A–F, O, Staples
    • Registration payment for student organizations (e.g., BPA, DECA)
    • Deposits to the State of Delaware bank account (e.g., gate receipts, summer school, facility rentals, vendor refunds)


    Barbara Whitehead

    • Vendors beginning with Q, S–Z, Fuelman, Pitney Bowes, Postmaster and athletic officials
    • Assistance with finding vendors in FSF
    • Reviewing and processing personal reimbursements