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    Director of Special Education
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    Supervisor of Special Education
    Emily Warren
    Supervisor of Autism Services
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    District EDs
    Maureen Shields
    Jill Machemer
    Jill Wheeler
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    Adriane Simpson

    Autism Service Coordinators
    Allson Hunter
    Megan Bittner 

About Our Department

  • The Office of Special Services works collaboratively with school staff, students, families and community members to ensure that students with disabilities have the supports they need to be successful in school. Our department provides professional development and technical assistance related to 504 plans and IEPs. Our staff assist schools with development of flexible schedules, supports and services to ensure that all students have access to and are actively engaged in learning.


    Our department includes:


    • District Educational Diagnosticians (EDs) who support the school EDs and coordinate a variety of services such as specialized transportation, supportive instruction (homebound), referrals and placement with programs outside of the district, extended school year (ESY), secondary transition, behavioral supports and instructional support teams.


    • Inclusion Coaches who support all school staff with inclusive practices and strategies to support students with disabilities in their classrooms.


    • Autism Itinerant Teachers who provide direct service to students with autism as well as consultation to staff on teaching strategies, accommodations and adaptations. The Autism Support Team also includes a School Psychologist and Speech Language Pathologist.


    • A Teacher of the Deaf who works directly with students who are deaf and hard of hearing on individual goals in addition to coordinating services and supports with school staff.


    • Additionally, school psychologists and related services staff (speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and assistive technology specialist) as well as Child Find specialists and screeners are part of the Special Services team.


Where We Are

  • District Office

    1502 Spruce Avenue

    Wilmington, Delaware 19805