• Favorite hobby

    Camping with my family

Ted Ammann

  • Assistant Superintendent for District Operations



    Ted began his career teaching at the elementary level at an exciting time when technology began to change the way teachers teach and students learn. He was named a District Teacher of the Year for the Capital School District, and served on a number of boards and taskforces related to instructional technology. Prior to becoming the Assistant Superintendent for District Operations, Ted worked as a teacher trainer, a grant administrator, an Information Systems Specialist and a Chief Information Officer.


    Ted recognizes that teachers and students can’t be at their best if the various operational aspects of a district aren’t outstanding. Ted is most proud when the operations teams are implementing new solutions based on input from students, teachers and the community. He holds a Bachelor's in Elementary Education, an MBA in Information Systems and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership, all from the University of Delaware.


    Ted and his wife, Karen, have two daughters, both of whom attend Red Clay schools and love to share their thoughts on how the central office can best serve students!