Move More into Spring

    Improve your mental and heart health this spring and join the spring 2023 District Wellness Challenge

    WHEN: Starts March 27th and ends May 5th

    WHAT: We know that motion is lotion for our hearts and our minds. Dedicate to moving your body with moderate to vigorous purposeful exercise for at little as 10 minutes at a time to reach a cumulative 30 minutes a day, and you will earn you and your school team points! 1 point for every 10 minutes (up to 3 points a day for a total of 30 minutes) bonus 5 points if you earn all 3 points for the entire week!

    HOW: Sign up using the registration link below ($7 registration fee) and then Join our Strava community (iphone and android compatible) to track your minutes and hold your peers accountable. The Strava app syncs with apple watch, fitbit and garmin (and more). Once you sign up for the challenge you will be invited to the Red Clay SD Wellness Club. The challenge invitations will go out through the app on March 1st. Please note: if you prefer to not participate in the app, you are not required and you can log your time on our google form.

    WHO: You will participate as an individual and have the chance to win weekly prizes, but you will also participate as a school team and there will be a grand prize for the winning school.

    SWAG: Participate in Wellness Wear Wednesdays each Wednesday during the challenge with a purchase of Red Clay Wellness Wear! Click Here to visit the store. Purchase by March 1st to have your clothing by the start of the challenge.

    Prizes: Weekly winners get a wellness mug and a spotlight!  The winning schools gets a cash award AND they get to pick the “color of the year” for spring 2024 Wellness Wear store. The 2023 color of the year is Royal Blue as picked by the Baltz 2022 Winners!