Plant & Horticulture Science

  • greenhouse

    Students are completely responsible for the entire process of plant management culminating in the annual plant sale every spring.

  • The Plant & Horticultural Science Pathway provides students with the opportunity to prepare for a career or postsecondary education related to the Plant/Horticulture science industry. The courses offered in this pathway provide students with a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge through classroom and hands-on instruction. A few of the areas students will study are plant anatomy and physiology, taxonomy, hydroponics and have the unique opportunity to work in the McKean greenhouse to learn the various aspects of horticulture, greenhouse maintenance, and greenhouse management.

    As students’ progress through the plant science pathway, they will be given more responsibilities in running the greenhouse and plant sales. This will give them a direct hands-on experience and knowledge of the horticulture industry.

    Upon graduation, the students would have the skills to obtain an entry-level job in areas such as landscaping, floral shops, plant nurseries, botanical gardens and crop research facilities.

  • Quick Facts 

    What Am I Studying?

    Coursework & College Credit

    • Plant/Horticulture Science 1
    • Greenhouse/Horticulture Science Levels 2-3
    • Seniors approved for Co-Op may work in a local floral shop, landscaping business, or nursery


    • Nutrient Management Certification
    • American Society for Horticulture Science
    • Pesticide Managment Certification


    How am I involved?

    • Student-run business: Greenhouse Management and Plant Sales
    • Member of FFA


    Where will it take me?

    • Entry-level Jobs

      • Landscaper
      • Nursery worker
    • Technical Jobs

      • Sales manager
      • Landscaping crew manager
      • Floral sales manager
      • Food crops field technician
    • Professional Careers

      • Greenhouse Grower
      • Researcher
      • Business manager
      • Curator of botanical garden
      • Floral shop manager/buyer