• What is the connection between Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and technology? When you stop to think about it, is a fairly logical one. This is because greater amounts of authentic learning tend to occur when students can use tools in a real way. Linking instructional content to both their emotions and the use of technology makes the content much more real. It also generally results in them showing greater amounts of interest and passion. Technology helps students express themselves in new ways or, in the case of some students, for the first time. It may be hard for some to get their ideas across -- whether for physical or emotional reasons -- and using tools like computers/video cameras can help them convey what they're thinking and feeling. Now, Warner Elementary School Administrators are not only finding ways to use STEM tools to draw connections to SEL, but are creating educational opportunities using technologies for this exact purpose.


    Mr. Pritchett 

    Extension 210 

                                                                Social Emotional Learning = Behavior Awarenes