•      A Message from the Principal  

           Welcome to the 2022/2023 school year. READY, SET, GROW!!!  Parents, teachers, students and the community, it is time to GROW!  Are you ready to grow and mature into a more mature scholar and community?  JES IS READY!!!   Our school's name was changed last year to Joseph E. Johnson Elementary School. Joseph Johnson was an educator extraordinaire.  He fought to make certain that every child had access to a quality education.  How fitting is our Joseph Johnson Motto to his core belief: EXCELLENCE FOR EVERY CHILD, EVERY MINUTE, EVERY DAY?

         This year our Joseph Johnson Elementary School will focus on growing our scholars, staff and our community.  Our school community will connect students and provide experiences that will challenge growth as students as well as an individual.

         The last two years were challenging for everyone, but JES persisted and demonstrated notable gains and experienced many celebratory opportunities. Our school librarian introduced JES to the first book vending machine in the state.  Students pivoted and attended school in person for the entire school year.  In addition, students engaged in Reading & Basketball opportunities which enhanced learning experiences for our scholars. Virtual Math tutoring enhanced classroom lessons. Resources were provided for students to hold a Restorative Morning circle AND embrace the entire community.  The school's garden, mentoring moments and over 50 mentors, pet therapy and dance group all enhanced our Johnson experience.

         Did you know that strong parental involvement is one of the strongest predictor(s) of student academic success?  Yes!!!  One key finding during the pandemic is that parents and teachers working together will push our students to excel.  Now that we are in recovery, parent and teacher relationships must remain strong.  WE NEED OUR PARENTS.  Children need parents to make certain that they are reaching their grade level targets, attending to teacher expectations and mastering anchor standards so that they can excel academically.

         As we open this school year, please know that our Johnson staff is here for each and every wildcat.  With the encouragement of our school community partner, mentors, teachers and friends, Joseph E. Johnson will shine as we provide EXCELLENCE FOR EVERY CHILD, EVERY MINUTE, EVERY DAY!!!


     Chrishaun Fitzgerald, Ed.D.


    Joseph E. Johnson Elementary School