•  Facilitator:  Tawanda J Bond, Director of Equity & Strategic Partnerships

    Diversity Committee’s Mission Statement


    The committee will ensure that diversity, in all its forms, is respected and valued by promoting and advancing an environment of inclusiveness to ensure that our students are prepared to enter an increasingly diverse and changing world.


    Diversity and Equity Core Values


    1. High Expectations for All

    We believe all students will learn and be successful and we recognize that students have different learning styles and we must provide equitable support.


    1. Continuous Improvement

    We will continue to develop diverse and inclusive curricula that reflect the wide range of voices, perspectives, and experience of the students and families in our community and the world.


    1. Meaningful Collaboration

    We understand the benefit of collaboration in providing equitable access to services, school resources and other learning opportunities to eliminate educational inequities.



    1. Rich Diversity

    We believe in meeting the needs of a growing and diverse student population and understand that by valuing and supporting our multicultural and multilingual students and their families, students will be more successful.


    Focus Areas for Equitable Change

    Strategic Goal 1 / Academic Excellence

    • - Collect, analyze and utilize district and school data as it pertains to equity
    • - Design and coordinate admin PD in the area of equity and social justice

    Strategic Goal 2 / Future Ready

    • - Diversify enrollment and support success in high rigor coursework

    Strategic Goal 3 / Success for All

    • - Increase and improve cultural awareness of all admin, teachers, staff, students, and families
    • - Develop student engagement and learning opportunities regarding diversity and inclusion
    • - Improve communication with community regarding diversity initiatives
    • - Streamline connections between schools and community based systems for our schools

    Focus Area 1 / High Quality Educators

    • - Recruit, hire and retain minority teachers, administrators and staff reflective of our student needs and population



Diversity Committee Agendas & Minutes

2021-2022 Meeting Schedule

  • September 28, 2021 – 4:15 – 5:00 pm

    October 26, 2021 – 4:15 – 5:00 pm

    November 30, 2021 – 4:15 – 5:00 pm

    December 14, 2021 – 4:15 – 5:00 pm

    January 25, 2022 – 4:15 – 5:00 pm

    February 22, 2022 – 4:15 – 5:00 pm

    March 29, 2022 – 4:15 – 5:00 pm

    Summer Mtg. 1 – TBD

    Back to School Mtg. – TBD

    All mtgs. are held in District Office Boardroom