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  • Welcome to the Meadowood Program

    Welcome to the Meadowood Program Nurses' Page


    The Meadowood Program has four school nurses, each located in a separate school site.  Among us, we have over 100 years of nursing experience!  While your children attend the Meadowood program, we are excited to be caring for them during their educational process.


    Our Nurses...


    Meadowood School Pre-Kindergarten

    Cheryl Watson, RN MSN



    Forest Oak Elementary School

    Kathleen Vachris, RN BSN NCSN



    HB duPont Middle School

    Jan Marcin, RN BSN NCSN 



    Thomas McKean High School

    Cynthia Brooks, RN MSN NCSN



    Meadowood Transition Program

    Cheryl Watson, RN MSN



    As you child attends the Meadowood Program, it is important for you to inform us of any medical conditions or special needs that he or she may have, so that we can work together to formulate your child's individual health care plan.  If you need to send in special equipment that your child may need during the course of the day, please make sure that it is clearly labeled.


    Medications can only be administered with clear, written, and current instructions from a physician and a signed consent form from a parent or guardian.  All medications must be in a labeled pharmacy container.  Ask your doctor or pharmacist for an additional labeled prescription container that can be kept at school.  Maintaining medications in a labeled container is a regulation of the state of Delaware and no exceptions will be made for dispensing medications.  If your child uses an inhaler, and you prefer that he or she carries the inhaler, you will need to provide a physician's note giving him permission to carry the inhaler, in addition to the information required above.  No exceptions will be made.


    Finally, it is possible that your child may want to come to school even when he or she is not feeling well so that they may participate in program activities.  Although we admire their enthusiasm, we would prefer that they stay at home and get healthy.  Please do not send your child to school if he is ill.  Thanks to all of you, and best wishes for a healthy, positive school year!