• JUNE 8, 2020

    6:00 PM

    After much deliberation and considering a number of factors beyond our control, we have decided to host a Virtual Graduation Production. We have made this decision out of an abundance of caution to protect the safety and well-being of our students and families. We are determined to make the best of this situation. We have a celebration committee that is committed to find creative ways to celebrate the Class of 2020. Please share your voice and your ideas, while also understanding that we have serious limitations to what we can do.

    Complete a short survey using this link to help us help you in this preparation and filming process.  

    See below for graduation details, picutres, and shout-outs!


Graduation Prep Details


    HOW: Virtual Graduation will be the equivalent of TV production that is all pre-recorded and edited.  In order for us to have the ceremony ready for broadcast on June 8th, we need to start our prep work ASAP.

    • During the Grad Prep appointment we want to film students walking across the stage and receiving their diploma. We will splice these clips together for our production.
    • We are also pre-recording speeches, any musical performances, and any other important part of our ceremony. If we need specific students for any part, we will communicate directly with those students.   


    ELIGIBILITY FOR GRADUATION: Seniors will be actively involved in the prep work, so we need YOU to do several things.

    1. Ensure you have completed everything to earn your 24 credits so you can actually graduate. [If you need to complete Ed Options courses, do so immediately. Some of you need to complete makeup work for the 3rd MP in order to earn your credit. Some of you are telling your parents you are good, and you are NOT. If you are getting calls and emails from your counselors, then it is most likely because you are not passing and may not graduate.]
    2. Complete the Senior Survey in Schoology. As of 5/7, we had only 70 of 210 graduates complete your survey. We are using the information in the survey to prepare for our virtual ceremony.  
    3. If you choose to opt out of our graduation event and don’t want to be included at all, then please tell us ASAP.      
    4. Regularly check for updates. Mr. Mattix usually sends emails, which then get shared on our school website. Some information is also shared in Schoology under the Class of 2020 Course.   


    GRAD PREP APPT.: See the appointment schedule here. See video instructions from Mr. Mattix here.

    • If you have a conflict with your appointment time, please contact Dr. Caputo (Mary.Caputo@RedClay.k12.de.us), our Academic Dean, or your guidance counselor. 
    • As mentioned during the senior zoom assembly, we want each of you get filmed for our graduation ceremony.  Unfortunately, this is NOT a time for families to celebrate and share a moment with you, because we want that moment to be when you all watch the ceremony together on June 8th.  Also, we need to follow all safety protocols and keep the number of people involved limited to graduates and staff.  If there are physical or medical concerns for any graduate, please email Shavonne.carter@redclay.k12.de.us and we’ll do our best to address these concerns. 
    • [If a senior or their family doesn’t feel comfortable coming to McKean for this appointment, please let us know.  We have a plan for anyone who can’t make it to the Prep Appointment so we can still be included in the broadcast.]  

    Dress Code for Filming

    Please do not wear shorts, slides, or other flip flops.  It will be obvious on the video walking across the stage and it won’t make you look good.  Also note, that in most years dress code for graduation is much more strict than this.

    If You Missed Filming, But Still Want to be Included 

    • First, we have prepared a slide for each graduate, but for some of you we don’t have a good photo or don’t have future plan information to include.  Please contact Mrs. Alexander at nicol.alexander@redclay.k12.de.us to ensure you have a complete slide.
    • If you have your graduation cap, gown, and tassel, then you can record yourself turning your tassel from your Right to Left.  For that part of the ceremony, we will show either 6 or 9 headshots of graduates turning their tassels in unison.  Your video should show your body from chest to just above your cap:  start recording, look at your camera and start a silent 3-count in your head “3,2,1”, then turn your tassel from your right side to your left.  
    • This next idea doesn’t include your cap and gown, but you may choose to use it.   Simply record a thank you message to your parents or your teachers or your friends….for supporting you to this point in your life.  
    • Another idea is that you can join the social media trend “Show Me Your Walk’ - post on social media and tag @mckeanprincipal @tmhsseniors2020 @wearemckean and #wearemckean  If you don’t have a social media account, then you can email your video clips with all others to Mrs. Alexander (her email is above)
    • One final idea and this applies to all grads, even the ones who came in for filming. If we have time we want to use specific photos with music.  The photo we want for this final piece is a simple picture of our graduates looking out a window from inside their house or apartment.  You’ll likely need someone else to take this picture.


    CAP & GOWN: If you want a cap and gown, there is still time to order one.

    • We will distribute caps and gowns to students who purchased them at their Grad Prep Appointment.
    • We will use the cap and gown in the filming during the appointment. 
    • When students leave, they will take their cap and gown with them. 
    • Jostens has removed all late fees and shipping costs, keeping the cost as low as they can. Use this link to go directly to the Jostens McKean Page for Cap,Gown,& Tassle for $40.

     If you didn’t come in for filming, but did order a cap and gown you have 2 options to get it.  

    • You can wait to get it after the graduation ceremony when you come to pickup your diploma and other senior goodies.
    • You can contact Mr. Worlds at reginald.worlds@redclay.k12.de.us to coordinate a pickup during our normal windows, which are Mondays and Wednesday from 10a-12p.  
    • If you have other questions or concerns about this, please contact your guidance counselor.


    GRADUATION DAY: During the day of June 8th, we’ll be using all of McKean’s and Red Clay’s Social Media channels to celebrate McKean’s seniors in a variety of ways, including some LIVE videos and interviews.  

    • Twitter: @WeAreMcKean, @McKeanPrincipal
    • Instagram: @WeAreMcKean
    • Facebook: Thomas McKean High School (@OfficialMcKean)


  • Important Dates

    Wed, May 27 9am - Deadline to complete all graduation credits to be included in graduation ceremony.

    Wed, May 27 anytime - Deadline to submit home videos for hopeful inclusion into graduation ceremony.

    Fri, May 29 3pm - Last day of school for seniors.

    Mon, June 8 - Graduation Day; Social Media Celebrations of Seniors all day long with ceremony premier at 6pm

    Tues, June 9 - Seniors can come to McKean to return chromebooks, athletic uniforms, and any other borrowed school property.  After we collect all outstanding items or the cash equivalent for any lost items, seniors will be able to pick up diplomas, any senior awards, their senior t-shirt, a yearbook if you ordered one, and a few other surprise gifts.  We hope for this process to be emotional, as it will be an official final good bye and good luck.  Seniors will have minimal access to the inside of the building during this process.  We will release more details as this date approaches, including our safety protocols. 


    passprot seniors

    Click here and scan the QR code to see more information. 

    Video Instructions

    Instructions from Mr. Mattix.

    Help from Mr. Joseph (JDG)

    Senior Survey

    survey has been posted in Schoology under the course Class of 2020.  This survey will provide us with details that will help us properly celebrate each of you.  We use this information for the graduation program, your personal graduate slide, and more. Spread the word to get everyone to complete it!

    Yard Signs

    Yard Signs

    Delivery: Thursday, May 14 between 8a-5p 

    Take a pic with your sign and e-mail it to BreanneJ.Prisco@redclay.k12.de.us or post it to social media @WeAreMcKean 

    Some graduates may not find their sign tomorrow for one of a few reasons, but not to worry we have back up plans too. 

    • If you know that your eschool address is wrong or if you don’t want your sign delivered, you can email pauline.carroll@redclay.k12.de.us 
    • One reason you may not get a sign is because you haven’t finished all of your school work and you haven’t earned your credits to graduate.


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